Programs & Services

Executive Coaching

Senior leaders have 24-hour access to a seasoned ECG coach who will develop and expand leadership skills related to:

• Problem-solving
• Conflict-resolution
• Situational leadership
• Specific-issue strategy

Goals and objectives are established with ECG customized self-assessment tools, and clients measure individual and organizational outcomes at regular intervals. With ECG’s unique approach to executive coaching; results are often demonstrated by dramatic positive changes in the leader’s outlook and impact on the organization.

Leadership Development

Managers, supervisors, and senior leaders learn how to develop trust and collaboration with their direct reports and next levels. The approach is positive, working from the inside out, with focus on self-assessment and 360 reviews.

The needs assessment process includes confidential individual interviews and focus groups. The needs assessment data creates the basis for program objectives, design, and benchmarks, as well as establishing credibility with participants, preparing them for more efficient and productive group learning.

These custom-designed programs are offered in two or three-day retreat formats, with pre-scheduled follow-up implementation segments in three to four months.

Team Building

ECG has a unique approach to building high-level, high-functioning teams. Working with each member, self-assessment tools are utilized to identify communication strengths and challenges, and to develop a clear path for building team synergy. Focus is on three sequential levels of team interaction and influence:

• Team members themselves
• Team members’ direct reports
• Team members’ next-level up

Learning how to build effective collaborative relationships with inside and outside partners is most often the overarching goal for ECG team building programs. Specific objectives are developed from the needs assessment process, which includes confidential individual interviews and focus groups.

Team Building programs are offered in custom-designed, two to three-day retreat formats, with pre-scheduled follow-up segments at regular intervals.

Global Teaming Strategies

Global teams have the classic challenges of building synergy and collaboration within the team. But the scope of interaction and geographic and cultural diversity of most global teams requires extreme, cutting-edge relationship skills to build the essential networks for a global team’s success. The capacity to positively influence partners outside the team is as important as the commitment and connection developed within.

ECG Global Teaming Strategy programs develop the internal and external relationships, influence, networks, and strategies essential for flexible international decision-making. Individual networks are identified and mapped to create new strategic collaborations for global team success.

Global Teaming Programs are offered in custom-designed, two or three- day retreat formats, scheduled quarterly or semi-annually. Telephone interviews with team members prior to each retreat create the needs assessment data from which objectives and benchmarks are established.

Diversity Initiatives

The potential bottom-line benefits of a successful diversity initiative are well-documented: improved morale, higher productivity, and expanded market-share. However, the down-side risks are high. If the program is not comprehensive and does not fit the organizational culture, increased litigation is an unfortunate common repercussion. Litigation prevention has been our bottom-line objective for 35 years.

These programs are customized and developed to meet the client’s unique needs. Programs are designed as flexible modules, built on client strengths and current efforts. Depending on client needs, program components include:

Diversity Council

A representative advisory group is selected and trained to take visible leadership within the organization. The Diversity Council promotes positive organizational change, models diversity leadership, and acts as an informal advisory body to senior leadership.

The Why and the How

Needs Assessment

Organization successes and challenges are identified through cross-section sample interviews and focus groups. A policy and procedures review provides an informal cultural audit of the organization. The cumulative needs assessment data creates the basis for customized program objectives, design, and benchmarks. The needs assessment process establishes credibility with participants and prepares them for more efficient and productive learning.


Practical one, two, or three-day interactive programs are designed for broad organization constituencies. Follow-up benchmark training days are scheduled to ensure consistent implementation. Training addresses awareness, skill development, practical application, and implementation.

Follow-up Technical Assistance & Implementation

Follow-up consultation to individuals and small groups insures tracking, qualitative measurement, and strategic implementation of training goals.

Leadership Coaching

One-on-one leadership development and problem-solving is provided to senior leaders.

Executive Briefings

Executive briefings are offered semi-annually to senior level leaders. These overviews provide benchmark evaluation data and abbreviated experiential program segments.

Training of Trainers

A selected group of leaders from broad constituencies within the organization is trained and coached to carry on the delivery of the organization’s custom-designed Equity Program.


Individual and organizational benchmarks are established and documented through pre-post assessments and quarterly reviews.